Above The Rest Fences and Decks, Matthew Olyphant San Rafael California

Bad Business Practices, Questionable Character – I contacted this company's owner, Matthew Olyphant in the summer of 2019 to set an appointment for an estimate on a small but lucrative job to be completed on my property. Mr. Olyphant and his company, Above the Rest Fences and Decks was one of four companies I scheduled appointments with. Naturally, I wanted to organize the meetings so that I obligated a set block of time for the meetings and could move on to the work as quickly as possible. | Mr. Olyphant took a few days to return my call. When he did call I was not impressed with his telephone manners or speaking in general. He lacked an authority and seemed more put out than grateful for business. I went ahead and scheduled him into my already existing block of appts. and moved on. The other companies had all returned my calls within an hour or two and gave me the impression they knew what they were doing and had experience as business people who understood the value of a customer. I said this was a relatively small job, a week I estimated. However, the job was extremely lucrative and demanded a sharp for style, design, and quality–that utilized the best materials available on the market. | My appt day arrived and bidders came and went. Mr. Olyphant was scheduled in as the second to last meeting. He arrived a half hour late!! Was unprofessional looking and did not bother to apologize for being so late. I considered sending him on his way but I took the time to discuss the project. He caused the last appt to run late and dented my schedule as well as that of my final meeting persons. | Let me say to cut this short, he had no follow thru and conducted himself with such a brusque and ill prepared manner that I am shocked he still has a business. I selected another reputable company to do the work. He did do some work on a neighbors property some months later. Boy, did my neighbor regret that choice. However, the most shocking aspect f tat job was that Mr. Olyphant had the nerve to talk poorly about me to my neighbor. Called me names I will not mention. | Imagine some young man telling a middle aged neighbor he has it out for a nearly 80 year old widow. I am a sharp 80 year old, but where is respect these days. I would suggest finding anyone other than Matthew Olyohant to perform the work on your property. He has no business skills and a personality that is bitter and rude. Getting some more work done now and I would have no work done if he or Above the Rest Fences and Decks was the only game in town.

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