I, and many other Spaniards with whom I am in contact have been scammed by Capital Markets Banc.

In my specific case I invested € 23,590. I made in its metatrader 4 different forex trading transactions and shares and my account with them amounts to € 48,000.

On January 31, 2,018 I requested by sending the documentation that they requested the return of my investment, € 23,590.

From that date, the usual broker Luiza Fox told me that he was leaving the company. Since then, I have been contacted by two brokers who called themselves Luis Segura and Maya Foster.

Both have also disappeared when I demanded the return of my money.

The same has happened to numerous Spanish investors with varying amounts ranging from € 250 to € 100,000.

We have formed a group that is denouncing this scam in the Spanish police. We have also contacted the United Kingdom Police and the registration of Bulgarian companies.

Those of us who have been harmed the most, apart from the police report, have hired the services of a well-known law firm in Spain, since we have enough indications of who their real owners and administrators are.

For those interested, I can say that Capital Markets Banc belongs to Joshua Developments ltd and Joshua Partners ltd.

These companies are located in:

Fridtjof Nansen Str.9

1142 Sofia (Bulgaria) registration number 204775606

C & H Towers, 3rd floor

Roseau (Dominica) record number 18652

35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, United Kingdom EC4M

Authorized to operate by Astra Financial ltd.

Registered in The Republic of Vanuatu with license number 300266