Chris Findeisen

The guy I’ve mentioned in the title is an obsessive narcissist who keeps threatening and harassing me. We had a bad breakup because he cheated on me with multiple women. He is a womanizer and a misogynist. He has had such issues with many women and when I found that out, I left him immediately. But he keeps stalking me and harassing me. One day I caught him stalking me out of my office. I even got a restraining order against him. To counter that, he contacts me through anonymous online messages and calls. I have seen him stalking me 3-4 times on different occasions.
He runs a YouTube channel and thinks he’s above everyone. The last time he talked to me, he told me that he would leave those women and those bad habits. But I heard from a friend that he is still a whoremonger and a sex addict. Please, if you’re reading this, beware of Chris Frindiesen! He is a dangerous sex addict who can go to any lengths. He is scum of the Earth and should not be allowed to roam freely.
Due to his constant harassment and threats, I’m considering leaving town for a while. He has talked with some of my friends and made it seem like he has no issues and that I was in the wrong. Please make others aware of this monster.

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