Elaine Ollerton George Aspenwood Homes Terry George Construction

Elaine Ollerton George has cheated on her husband Terry for 25 years and only remains married to take his construction company Terry George Constriction 3904 South 8000 West, Magna, UT 84044. Do not support any businesses Terry George Construction or Aspenwood Homes 3452 S 8400 W, Magna, UT 84044  as Elaine has expressed many times her hatred for Terry George and goal to take his money. Elaine killed several horses due to neglect as owner at Running U Livestock 1164 W Erda Way, Erda, UT 84074.
Elaine has stalked, harassed, stolen from, and attempted to blackmail former lovers of her martial affairs after being dumped. She has tried to have sex with family friends and spread herpes in her promiscuity. Elaine has many awards for online amateur pornography and won 2003 Mrs. Globe Utah, an unknown minuscule contest not recognized. Elaine has met with men from various online sites such as Hi5, Facebook, and Instagram along with cheating with men she meets at The Westerner Bar in West Valley, Utah. Elaine has lied to her family to escape on secret trips where she sold her body in exchange for a Celebrity Cruise, and later posed in XXX anal pornography photos in Las Vegas.
Elaine needs mental help for her schizophrenia thinking ghosts talk to her. Elaine likes to mask her disgraceful behavior by following Jesus and sending her grandchildren an uplifting quote everyday.

Evidence of Elaine’s affairs can be seen at ElaineOllertonGeorge.wordpress.com

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