BEWARE- Federation of ROYAL MAYA SCAM, KING PHILIP IV, aka Philip Joseph Cotrone , Garfield, Arkansas

This “King Philip IV’” Scam has been running since 2016, and has fooled, and taken in, even the most experienced of investors, businessmen, and those that want to believe in the “Fantasy”, Royalty, and a new sovereign country. The story goes something like this: A new sovereign nation, located on three islands on the north side of Cuba, appeared in 1997, per an alleged sovereign treaty with Cuba. Out of no where, Cotrone, an adopted Haitian immigrant living in the hills of Arkansa, comes into possession of this property and a “nation”, creates a Constitutional Monarchy on his computer, and declares himself King of a sovereign nation with no citizens or residents.

He further claims that various sources have “given” him gold assets, bonds, and other treasures that he will be utilizing to restore his Mayan indigenous peoples in the Caribbean, and drive a humanitarian, peaceful, and growing “Kingdom” for “his people” on the islands of Royal Maya. The man, by all accounts of those interviewed, is apparently extremely persuasive, a born salesman, charismatic (over the phone, as no one generally meets with him), and extremely articulate.

Here is where the story stops, and the unfortunate truth is eventually exposed to all that he “Sucks into a Vortex of his Royal Illusions” and has lied incessantly to everyone he meets.