My experience with Freedom Auto, paid to have a truck shipped to me, went through more hassle than I have ever had finding a vehicle on my own. Finally left with a truck that was delivered needing a repair that was 40% of the purchase price of the vehicle (new motor). Would have sued, but don’t have enough money in the bank to risk on lawyers a state away. Sitting on a truck I know have $26k into, that I couldn’t sell for $16k, and I am wondering, what service did they provide? I could have bought a nightmare truck here locally on my own. Lastly, they are a car dealership; negotiate with them as if they were any other car dealership. The $300 finder’s fee is not their only profit, they have at least 20% margin in the first price they quote you.

Took delivery of a 2006 F-150 XLT 4×4 extended cab, with a little over 70k miles, from Freedom Auto in late March, purchase price of $17,411. I noticed a ticking in the motor the day it arrived. The next day I contacted Freedom, because I hadn’t signed any paperwork or received a title. And there were no temporary vehicle tags to place in the back window or plate holder. Freedom just told me to post a copy of the sales agreement in the window because that is what Idaho DOT told them to do. Still don’t think that was legal in WA, but I needed to drive to the truck to work as I had given up my company vehicle.

Long story short, cam phasers were shot. Freedom recommended a shop in Edmonds, WA and to their credit dropped close to $3k to repair the phasers, change the fluids and put a 48k mile power train warranty on the vehicle. Thinking the warranty would cover further failure I accepted the sale and signed docs. Couple weeks after the repair the truck starts hesitating during acceleration. Took back to the same shop and the warranty covered a bad ignition coil, good so far, although irritating I have spent so much time back and forth to shop.

Went back to work and within two more weeks truck would run rough and stall when at a stop. Now back into the shop for the 3rd time within 5k miles of purchase. Plus time off work, rides from the repair shop, etc. This time took to 2 separate mechanics referred by friends both said it needed a new motor, $6,800 – $8,400 depending on the shop (no used motors available because the 5.4 Triton has this problem so regularly). Repairs couldn’t fix the fact that the sludge was starving engine parts of oil. Warranty Company denies the claim saying they don’t cover failures from oil contamination (i.e. sludge). Freedom’s response, their sorry but they can’t open the motor when finding these vehicles and washed their hands of me.