The absolute worst moving experience ever. If I could give them a negative 5 stars I would. They are deceptive in their quotes, lie about the coverage the provide, and throw on extra charges at every turn. For starters, their original quote included packing of various items, but at the end of the day it cost me an additional $600. Next, their delivery people on the other side (this was an interstate move) held my shipment hostage until I paid them an additional $2,500 on a binding agreement. Then there is the insurance issue. I was told that the shipment was covered for $108,000, hence I didn’t feel the need to buy additional coverage. Numerous items were damaged such as the leg supports for the pool table being broken, an antique display cabinet was scratched and pitted, appliances were dented, irreplaceable sculptures were broken, and when it comes to filling the claim they said I’m only covered for 60 cents a pound. Considering they lost a box full of RC aircraft worth over $1,500 dollars (and the aircraft being light by design) I will be lucky to get $5.00 back for a loss of $1,495. Do yourself a big favor and look elsewhere for your moving needs. This company lacks integrity, professionalism, and are complete scammers. Perhaps this is part my fault for believing in the good in people, but unless you pay several thousand dollars extra for more insurance they will completely disrespect your property with no attempt to treat it as I would if I were in their position. Let the buyer beware