I ordered on December the 2nd, paid for insurance and express shipping and had to pay customs on December the 14th.

It is December the 19th, and DHL -their shipping company- just sent me an email saying GearBest has not even shipped this order yet. 17 days afterwards. With an express shipping query.

Every time I sent GearBest an email I got FAQ copied and pasted, not one single human written sentence. I have been asking why my tracking number did not work (now I know it was not even a DHL number), what are the insurance costs for, if my package would be home before this week (my purchase is this week useless) and if I could get my money back.

None of my questions have been answered yet, I have lost more than 150€ for nothing.

Their messenger option is an automated machine, their customer service does not adress the questions asked. On their emails they hyperlinked some words so one would be able to track their package, they were links to their support page instead. Nice one.

I know today that I am not getting my money back, BE CAREFUL! It is a scam. Good news is, one can get the customs costs back.