$12, 478 .00 is how much Hoodoo Delish has stolen from me. It all started with the fake magic butter and candles I ordered from her that almost burned down my house. I also tried her magic cake mix and baked bread that didn’t work. I fail victim to her scam. We paid her several months for Cancer healing spell that did not work! She took advantage of us when we were in needed. Oh after she tricked me for the last 2k from my bank account I notice holly or her web people likes to take the reports out if the search engine. Don’t worry all will be given traffic again and on number on search (Bonefest). LOI had a feeling she lied about being a former medical doctor and use magic to heal her patients. Our uncle has passed while suffering.

I just filed my police report and my attorney has contacted the attorney general in Texas to prosecute Hoodoo Delish Rebecca Avonim.

Dear Lord I can’t believe there were so many reports on the internet about previous scams she is involved in. This time she will actually face charges behind bars. Praying on desperate people. What’s funny is her and Shaw marie inexplicable things are all frauds that think Conjure can be white but it’s based on African traditions.

They are under a racist delusional. Even Hoodoo is black culture not white. Hoodoo delish is a awful entertainer from texas who also goes under the stage name Avi Blackstone. What’s really stupid about her false pretense to practice Hoodoo is what she practice is not HOODOO! Instructions to make butter candles to burn down your house and cake batter recipes. lol The other stuff is copied from other real works and luck mojo that she NEVER Reference OR SOURCES CITED. She can’t sing or play the gutair. If she was real then why didn’t hoodoo her talent that she doesn’t have.

Since this is a federal case not only does she owe the state, IRS, scam victims, but also owe the spirits that she lied on. I’ve notice many strange deaths recently with white hoodooists and occultist that have been losing their lives. I wonder why? A lesson to be learned. It’s a good thing I have my western union receipts with Hoodoo Delish real name, and we have her location in her new apartment this year.It’s proven fact that conjured cardea and Shaw marie inexplicable things are known scammers that sell pretty presentation but no actually magic. Why is it that Shaw marie inexplicable things just got a business permit this year? LOLI’m glad to see that one of her victims filed a report on Hope.

This will create public awareness of the fraud Rebecca Avonim commits on a daily basis. Getting the courage to call the police is the most important step to having charges laid on Hoodoo delish for Fraud. Once we know her real identity, she and Shaw Marie inexplicable things will have no place to hide and her days as a con-artist will come to an end. We will all sleep a little easier knowing that this criminal (Hoodoo Delish) in behind bars!”Will you want some real work done contact WAYWARD rxxxx wxxxx