Interstate Transport Authority LLC

Beware this woman MARIE ANDRADE will contact you when you get ur DOT and MC numbers and say she’s with “interstate transport authority” and is an agent assigned to help you get started but it’s all a scam! She registered me for a few different required things and sent me receipts that were poorly photo edited to not show the price of what registration fee actually was.

What she does for example as a new trucking company you need to register with ucr which is “unified carrier registration” which cost $63 total so what Marie Andrade from interestate transport authority LLC will do is go online and register for you which takes 1min and turn around and up charge you $160 and tell you it cost $160 to register with ucr and send you a ucr registration that shows No price when the original shows a price of what you paid to register.

Very deceitful and misleading scammer that has an official sounding name but is far from official and has absolutely no presence on google and No website.

Claims to be a Christian and says god bless after every phone call but I think it’s all part of her scam as there seems to be nothing Christian about this business, more evil than Christian. Hope this helps others starting a new trucking company keep from getting scammed by scammers like this.

Always always always check who you are paying and for what! You work hard for your money and scammers work hard to steal it. Stay safe and aware my brothers

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  • She contacted me Sunday night claiming the same thing and was upset with me because I was trying to figure out why the gov was contacting me on SUNDAY NIGHT. Very Very rude! Don’t give this woman a cent

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