MacroTrend Capital Group LLC

Greg lustig, kevin gluckstal, and rick jordan are main actors in this whole ruse & honest executives who have uncovered the scheme as whistleblowers have faced threats and have been fired without cause.

Macrotrend and aladin capital is investment group and seeks out legitimate businesses in the us and elsewhere saying that they can offer financing and offer investment advise and run a crypto currency operation. They con through use of altered documents to show proof and sources of funds. They enter into funding agreements without any capacity to fulfill their commitments. They use altered documents and through numerous other fake reps, they dupe companies into believing them to complete due diligence docs. Then they use these “investment documents” as part of scam to claim that they have legitimate businesses and assets in the us.

They charge fees and never fulfill. They con legitimate businessmen into working with them and never pay them anything – and whistleblowers are fired or quit and they threaten people who confront them. They breach number of laws in usa and others and operate a fake operation with fake addresses in florida where they can hide from bankruptcy. They do not honor contracts or commitments. They also appear to disobey a number of laws including securities laws See below).

Part of scam is to use these “investment documents” and fees from the us to further support some form of a crypto currency scam in asia and europe. This is aladin coin scam and is very visible below. They use same fake addresses and fake documents and are owned by same people. Some of the of the documents they use also may be involved with some kind of scheme to circumvent money laundering laws in the us and uk.

Read all about it:

1. Wall street oasis – is this boutique firm a scam? Https://

“macrotrend is a total scam. They claim a readiness to fund with $1b hsbc backing. Sounds great but document has been forged. Search “mlm aladincoin” and you will see it there. Aladincoin is a ethereum based cryptocurrency issued bt aladin capital llc which is a subsidiary of macrotrend capital. Similar team members. Stay away from greg lustig and kevin gluckstal.”

2. Mlm website – aladin coin review –

“same key team members as management. Macrotrend is ruse telling companies seeking funding they have sovereign fund under their management. They claim they can fund through the swiss aladin trust which is a subsidiary of macrotrend. Aladin capital is also a subsidiary. Macrotrend charges fees to companies they have entered into under loi’s and ia’s for due diligence ($25k, $35k), fees for legal costs pre-closing at $35k and 2% of total closing transaction which must be deposited prior to close in escrow for the company to be funded.”

“macrotrend never funds. They collect fees and keep delaying. Greg lustig and kevin gluckstal are the two owners of macrotrend capital group. Agreements are poorly written and require significant investment by companies and time wasted as closing dates are set and missed.”

“aladincoin recently was launched by aladin capital europe in austria. There is clearly evidence of fraud and false claims.”

“in reality aic is backed solely by new affiliate investment, despite aladincoin’s representation that it’s “back up by financial institutes and hedge funds”. Aladincoin use newly invested funds to pay recruitment commissions and bonuses, as well as aic roi withdrawal requests. Presumably aic roi withdrawals are handled through an internal exchange as aic is not publicly tradeable. In any event, using newly invested funds to pay existing affiliates a roi makes aladincoin a ponzi scheme.”

“being a florida corporation, aladincoin through aladin capital llc are required to register their investment opportunity with the sec. A search of the sec’s edgar database reveals neither aladincoin, aladin capital llc or kevin gluckstal are registered to offer securities in the us. This means aladincoin is operating illegally. All the more comical considering gluckstal’s claim to have “extensive knowledge” of “securities and finance”. Call my cynical but it appears the sole purpose of aladincoin and aic is to screw as many gullible vietnamese investors out of as much money as possible.”

3. Bitcoin forum review – too many scams impacting bitcoin – aladin coin review – https://bitcointalk.Org/index.Php?Topic=2909424.0

“its a complete scam. Kevin gluckstal and greg lustig of both aladin capital llc and macrotrend capital llc are connected to this. Macrotrend collects fees from companies needing investment upon signing loi’s and ia’s. Only they never fund. Haven’t done one deal. Another attached scam to aladincoin. Stay clear.”




“…Again we see use of fake documents, fake offices, fraudulent statements by executives. Fake hsbc bank guarantee everywhere.”

“indonesian leader of aladin capital shandy saputra says, there are currently thousands of crypto codes, but many are abal- lal or scam. But he assures aladin coin different, aladin capital has a guarantee in hsbc worth 1 billion us dollars, this could be a guarantee to potential investors who will invest funds in aladin coin.”



“macrotrend collects upfron fees upon signing loi’s and ia’s for due diligence, legal costs ans 2% of unding amount prior to closing. They issue closing notices, miss the date, set othe dated and don’t fund…Ever. Aladin capital, with similar principals as macrotrend, issued aladincpoin. Aladincoin is an ethereum based altcurrencypromoted through a mlm ponzi scheme. But profits are paid in aladincoin which has no ability to convert to usd.”

5. And even more evidence of fraud





“aladin coin looks like another ponzi scheme / hyip that revolves around recruitment for revenue creation.”

6. And still more…All on facebook with use of fake documents and fake $1bn hsbc guarantee – they are in love with their facebook selves



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  • These allegations are actually not accurate. It’s more complicated then at first glance. I happen to know that their intentions were authentic. They sued their own employee because of wrong doing which lead to multiple events which simply lead to the failure of their business inside the USA. Aladin was not controlled by them. They actually tried to fix it and correct the actions of Francois Trans. Aladin was controlled by two Vietnamese men. MacroTrend attempted to implement KYC policy, and other policies which these owners did not act on. At which time Macrotrend removes them selves from Aladin. They actually lost money. In addition, specifically Mr. Gluckstal was unknowingly used as a front man by Aladin owners. Hence his attempt to fix what they had done and immediately removing themselves once the owners failed to comply with KYC protocol.

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