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Lauren Hanley-Brady San Diego attorney found her first job out of law school with Scott McMillan , La Mesa, California. Scott McMillan was in federal court on fraud allegations with his former associate attorney Michelle Volk . In Brightwell v. The McMillan Law Firm, Scott McMillan, Michelle Volk, Southern District of California Case 16-CV-1696 W (NLS).

Now it appears as though Scott McMillan may be into different type of fraud – operating a law school without any graduates and in fact doesn’t even have a sign saying a law school operates out of his small office in east San Diego by the railroad tracks. Recently the State Bar of California pointed out that in over a decade, Scott McMillan has not had a single graduate:

“Since opening, only three students have ever completed MAOL’s first-year curriculum and were able to take the First Year Law Students’ Examination; two of the students eventually passed the examination but each then left MAOL and transferred to other law schools. Since MAOL has had no students nor has held any classes in almost five years, its program of legal education has now been dormant for more than four years. As a result, and as confirmed by the inspection, MAOL is noncompliant as to three material requirements: Its law library is noncompliant since its hardcopy legal authorities have not been updated since 2013; without any tuition income, the law school’s current and future financial viability appears questionable; and its website and written materials offer outdated and misleading information to both the general public and potential applicants.”

See full report here,

Next, Scott McMillan La Mesa attorney did not oppose the fact he made a false statement to the federal court. Scott McMillan admitted to lying in federal court where he did not defend allegations he misrepresented information to the court in an effort to get a case before a judge he believed to be more favorable to his efforts to remove embarrassing information from the internet. See motion filed in court, Scott McMillan’s lawsuit was found to be meritless and ordered dismissed. See order,

In 2017, Scott McMillan was speechless when a senior judge in the 9th Circuit called his lawsuit “silly”, resulting in Scott McMillan having wasted hundreds of hours of valuable court time dealing with his meritless lawsuit. See judge’s comments It is no wonder Scott McMillan was labeled a vexatious litigant in a federal case he of course lost. See, McMillan v. Weathersby (9th Cir. 2002) 31 F.App’x 371, 374.

San Diego attorney Lauren Hanley-Brady aka Lauran Brady has already lost every appeal Scott McMillan had her handle. Will Lauren Brady continue down the path of being an attorney laughed at in court hallways as Scott McMillan? We will see, but in the meantime it is hoped that the “silly” cases Scott McMillan files cease as continuing to clog up the court docket is precisely the type of vexatious conduct courts should halt.

And of course, if you are seeking to go to law school, it is strongly advised you research the law school, understand if it is fully credentialed and the reputation it has within the legal community.

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  • Incredible reputation Scott McMillan San Diego attorney has. I watched Scott McMillan argue before the Ninth Circuit on YouTube where he lost a lawsuit to get material removed online related to posted a report about molesting his daughter. The lawsuit Scott McMillan La Mesa attorney filed was lost and looks like the appeal will go down in flames too.

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