Punyanit Rudwilai Scam

Details about the scam and scammer: Her names and aliases: Punyanit Rudwilai – Alice Atsawaphanon – AliceBkk – Alice Thailand – Emmy – Ammy – Ammami – Pam – Patnisa Atsawaphanon – Patlisa Atsawaphanon, nisabkk, 31 Years old, 2 children.She is active in Bangkok Thailand, she has created multiple profiles (about 300+ profiles) on different dating sites and 10-15 facebook profiles.When dating her (eg. starting a relationship with her), she awaits the right moment to grab a large amount of money at your home and then she disappears.In my personal case, she has stolen my money twice, first in January and a second time my entire salary on 29th March 2019.Other incidents have been reported, please see Thailandfriends Scams And Scam Artists forum for more info and updates.

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