I  work for one of the aforementioned companies and I had them checked out and they are legitimate . It’s no different. Then u letting a pa or np see all ur patients and u sign  there’s notes but u don’t  have a clue about the patients.  Do u have  any idea how much it cost to go to and orthopedic surgeon ?  It the same when u are on committees that review charts but never see the patient s.  Telemedicine cuts all our costs. Including the insurance companies.   Which could mean more reimbursements for physicians.   Do u really want to go there with this . There are three companies. That keep popping up one I have worked with 3 years   And never  had any kickbacks   Z d I called the state. To.  I am sure those companies did too  So continue to work and slave ur 19  hours a day. Leave the rest of us alone

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