Realtime physician

Hi everyone,

Initially last year, Real-time physician contacted me to work for them online, at first I didn’t think anything wrong but as I started working with them, the whole business seemed sketchy and I kept running into issues with them. I was in charge of reviewing patient charts and either accepting or declining their request for genetic testing. The company is not professional, they promised me cases daily up to 30, but I was lucky to get 1 case per day. They were poor at responding back to emails and delayed sending my paycheck every month and wouldn’t send it until I kept bugging them about it up to several weeks past due. Every paycheck was short from the amount of cases I finished. So fast forward a year, I had enough of their unprofessional behavior so I quit. They didn’t end up sending me final 2 paychecks. They asked me to send my bank information so they could wire it and after 2 months have not done so. I’m concerned this whole business is fraudulent. Anyone else have an experience like this?

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