I paid over $10, 000 for their type of liposuction. After the procedures one side had not been done. After complaining I was told I would have to wait six months to have any correction. I was previously told that the procedures might have to be split into two operations that would occur within one month. So I was very shocked to hear the six month wait time. I asked that they compare the before photos to now which would clearly show that the one side was not done and not swollen. The love handles was the one area I pointed out during the consultation that really bothered me. So I am really upset that I am now lopsided. I have repeatedly asked how much additional cost I will have to pay for surgery to correct this area, that I already paid for, if I wait the six months. I can’t get an answer from them. This is a new office that just opened in Indianapolis. If you consult with this office I would suggest that you tape the meeting. What you are told and what you get are two different animals.