Appointment to have a fallen crown reglued at 11:00 AM. Sophya N Morghem is running late and a room to become available at 11:30 AM. I had already informed the staff I had another appointment and needed to leave by 12:00 PM. Well, there was an emergency and Dr. Morghem tells me she can see me at 11:50 AM. Cancel my other appointment. At 11:50 AM, the receptionist tells me the doctor won’t be done until 12:30 PM. 12:00 PM, the doctor can’t see you because she has a lunch appointment.

How do you keep a patient waiting for one hour and then informed them they can’t see you because of a LUNCH appointment? In the past 12 years I’ve been a patient of the previous Dr. Hoffman, nothing even close to this ever happened. New ownership, perhaps they need to take a course on how to treat patients. The receptionist was nice and did apologize. Dr. Morghem should have also but seemed young and inexperienced. Oh, yes…. lunch appointment, screw the patient.