I would very strongly suggest looking into another plastic surgeon. I saw Dr Elan Reisen and previous to my surgery, was very impressed. My breast implants went ok, but my tummy tuck is a completely different story. Aftercare was seriously lacking and once they have your money they want to be done with you. They advertise things like a free overnight stay. It’s all garbage.

I was not even awake yet and they had my significant other driving me home. I literally do not even remember leaving, and woke up well after getting to my bed. I was left nasty uneven scaring along my incision line due to suture popping (which he ignored after I questioned) and an absolutely terrible looking belly button scar. I attempted a revision in his office (that I paid for) and his bedside manner was disgusting. Sadly, my revision only worsened the issue.

I have had two doctors tell me point blank that this was the most poorly performed tummy tuck they have ever seen. That’s saying a lot considering both have seen many, including those done overseas for pennies on the dollar to what I paid. I am in the process of interviewing for a television show on botched plastic surgeries now. Stay away!