I was told I needed a crown replaced in 2015. I made it abundantly clear with the insurance staff at the location and the Dentist I would not have any dental work done that was not covered by my insurance. I had opted not to have certain things done in the dentists treatment plan for this exact reason. I was assured it would be covered.

Shortly after the procedure was done they came back to me and said it had been denied due to a frequency issue. I was informed they were resubmitting paperwork to my insurance company. I told them good, because I had made it clear I wasn’t having work done that wasn’t covered by my insurance. I could have waited until the frequency issue was outside of the time frame not allowed. I was not in any pain so it was not a big issue. Discussions went on and it appeared at one point it was getting resolved. Mind you every time my wife or I talked to a different person in billing we would get different answers.

This would happen on other visits as well. We finally decided to go to another dentist because billing at this location seemed to always be a crap shoot. They are now trying to collect the $304.56 from me. There is no way that I feel I owe them this money. Their insurance staff screwed this all up. I would have never had it done had I known they were billing me.