I have had teledoc for almost a year. I have a history of UTI and that is the only reason I called…to catch it early before the dr office opens and start medication immediately. In a year, this is the third time. The first 2 times, I was given An antibiotic specifically for this issue. I woke up in the night, and realized I had another UTI starting. I called and got a dr that said their policy for women over 50 to see their dr. I’m leaving town early this
Morning, now will have to wait to get an appointment, pay another fee and the. Get meds. I imagine this will take all day and I’m already in pain. I’m pleased
That the previous doctors who assisted me in Teledoc overrode that ridiculous policy and I was able to get relief. This one said UTI is common in women over 50 so they don’t prescribe. It’s going to be a long uncomfortable day.