I called The Cell Phone Doctor and explained that I had just left Sprint, my cell carrier and my Samsung Galaxy S6 had been in the technician department and passed all tests except corrosion on the battery charger. The phone would power on and display the carrier logo then shut off after the beep for low battery. I was told by my cell carrier I could turn in a lain against my insurance with a 200 deductible.

After explaining this to the girl that answered she said for 75 dollars they would replace the part. They took a 35 dollar deposit she said would first be used to run a diagnostic on the phone to make sure that was all that was wrong and the 35 would go towards the 75 dollar part. The day after I dropped my phone off I got a call from the owner who said that “I have good news and bad news.The good news is your charger terminal works but your LTD screen is cracked and it will be 200 dollars to replace.” I immediately called them back and left a voice mail that this was impossible as I had the service records from my cell carrier and I had a witness that saw the phone screen power on prior to dropping off the phone with Cell Phone Doctor.

I called again and finally got someone first thing in the morning and was told they would have someone else look at it. Again was told charging terminal worked and lcd was cracked. I immediately drove in to get my phone from them and there was a new cracked they tried to tell me was there all along which is a lie. The phone would have never turned on before I dropped it off had it been broken on the lcd. Also the charging terminal still does not work. The owner was argumentative and said he would not pay to fix my phone. I took it to another place who said they commonly fix phones after they come from this place and despite The Cell Phone Doctor lying and saying they did not take my phone apart and broke it. This place found evidence they did in fact open the phone and break it.

A review of other complaints here at Bbb show the same type of complaint with the same type of response from the company that they would not fix. Also a Google of yelp and other reviews of this company have a wide range of these same type of complaints with one even stating that a customer was put in a choke hold. This place needs to be stopped. Flat out broke my phone and lied GOOGLE THE REVIEWS