Dr. Stephen kashian warning from a survivor patient

As a former patient who survived this dangerous doctor, i can speak to the facts of his dangerous medicine and his exposed online reputation.

Dr. Stephen m. Kashian poisioned me and others) by recklessly prescribing me dangerous lorazepem for simple stress, the same drug used by germanwings pilot, andreas lubitz.Who flew his plane into a mountain.

Dr. Kashian was negligent and failed to warn me of the dangers of lorazepem and how it could affect me. I and others believe dr. Kashian had prior knowledge of the dangerous risks of suicideality and other issues associated with lorazepem but he acted with disregard to the risks and failed to disclose the risks to me, a loyal patient who just happened to have generous insurance coverage.

Dr. Stephen kashian did not give any indications of the complications and risks of withdrawal from the medicine he prescribed me.

He is a truly dangerous physician who does not abide by the hippocratic oath. This man put me and my family through hell and he is worthy of being fully exposed and investigated. His is under federal scrutiny and is also being watched by the appropriate agencies as he unethically over bills his patients.

He has a history of carelessly prescribing dangerous mind-altering meds to non-mental patients and referring them out to his psychiatric buddies for profits. I suffered and survived akathesia, whereby i could literally not stop body movement and increasing anxiety nor sleep whatsoever for over one week and i eventually lost ability to cope. Being unaware of what happened, i was told i tried to jump off a hi-rise building in a seizure like state just to make the hell stop.

I had never had any mental issues in my life before i came across dr. Stephen m. Kashian.

Let this warning serve to generate awareness and save lives as dr. Stephen kashian takes money from the pharmaceutical companies to support their business model and keep the corrupt industrial medical/pharmaceutical complex operating and the expense of innocent unsuspecting peiople and lost lives.

Almost every single mass shooting in this country involved the use of these poisons and citizens are becoming educated of the issues of psychiaitric drugs, opioid and psytropic drugs. Finally big pharma companies and corrupt physicians are being held accountable.

Stephen m. Kashian

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