Dr. Eric Yapjuangco (Dr. Yappy) is a BIG FRAUD!!! Scammed me first by lying to me with fake rhinoplasty pictures. All thos pictures on his instagrem aren’t real at all. They’re photoshoped fake!! A program where you change people features. His ratings, reviews are fake!!! He buys fake comments for his reviews to make him look good, but really messing up people body parts. Do not be deceived like me warning!!!

I hated my nose for a long time. I have been dreading and putting off writing a review for Dr. Eric Yapjuangco (H\he also goes by Dr. Yappy) because of the amount of trauma, both emotional and physical, that I have been through as a result of my disastrous rhinoplasty with Dr. Eric. Getting the strength to put my thoughts into words has been difficult, and it is only now that I have summoned the will to revisit this awful experience.

I had originally set out to find a surgeon who was well versed in ethnic rhinoplasty, and I thought that I had found that person in Dr

Eric. I will admit, his photos posted on his instagram impressed me at first. I mulled over his photos over several months until I finally decided to take a leap of faith and book my surgery with Dr. Yappy. Unfortunately, the results have been devastating.

In the time after my rhinoplasty I have been in touch with many other Yappy patients who have been botched by him. They are in various stages of seeking doctors for revisions. The main complaints have been extensive scarring, excessive augmentation with the implant, overly projecting nose tips, and damaged ears. Unfortunately, I have all those same issues.

Consultation and the icon Clinic

The consult should have been my first warning. It barely lasted 15 minutes, and the entire time I felt rushed as he was literally consulting with dozens of patients that day. His clinic is poorly managed and the wait times are outrageously long. Given the long wait times, the doctor spends very little time to go over details with the patient.


My surgery took place very late at night because he had already operated on 3 patients before me. This is troubling as he operates nearly everyday into the early mornings, with no adequate rest. I was the last surgery of the day, and I can only imagine how much fatigue must have factored into all the errors made in my surgery. I must say that the death in his clinic was a terrible tragedy, but not at all surprising given the long hours that everyone works in this clinic.

My biggest complaint about the implant is how visible the edges of the implant are. It is wide and thick, and the edges of the implant are clearly visible, and especially in harsh lighting. It does not seem like the edges of the implant were shaved down, or tapered to create a more natural contour.

Final Thoughts

Everyday I struggle to look in the mirror and to make sense of the damage Dr. Eric’s rhinoplasty has done to my looks and self-esteem. It has taken a tremendous toll on me emotionally. The worst part is the hopelessness that comes with knowing some aspects of my rhino cannot be corrected because his techniques were so aggressive and essentially irreversible.