This company agreed to do a complete job, however they performed only part of the repair then washed their hands of doing the right thing.

This company was hired to replace a pool skimmer in my home in July of 2015. The tech that came out replaced the skimmer, then said he would have to come back to complete the decking around it the following week. He stated the decking used an old method of putting salt in the material, which created a unique texture when the salt evaporated. He never came back. When I called the owner, he stated that as far as he was concerned, he was hired to replace the skimmer and in his opinion, the job is complete.

When questioned about the decking being left unfinished, he acknowledged the process for the texutre , but stated he was not going to do it. My point is, he saw the decking when he accepted the job, and knew what it would take to make it match the surrounding decking. If he did not want to bother with it, he should have refused the job. It was extremely arrogant for him to only complete part of the job, then state “in his opinion” he did the work he was hired to do.