This Dr. Timothy F McDevitt MD is a greedy prick. On Mon (11/2) Dr. McDevitt did electrolysis treatment on some of my bothersome lashes. This procedure was done because at the first treatment (10/9), he didn’t treat ALL of the lashes that were problematic for me.

On Mon, after the procedure, I noticed in the mirror that one of the lashes that he was supposed to treat was still there, still touching/brushing against my eyeball.

I am very angry that he would do a procedure and not finish it like he was supposed to, but worse is that after the 2nd treatment, it still isn’t completed. I am not a patient person when it comes to procedures (injections, surgeries, etc.).

I have already notified my referring doctor and moreso HMSA. I called HMSA to make a formal complaint and to tell them, I don’t think they should pay him for the 2nd procedure when it still isn’t completed. They will be investigating him.

My friend warned me about Dr. McDevitt being greedy for money. If he doesn’t think he’ll make much out of you he could care less. I’ve found out the hard way, but not anymore.

I don’t recommend anyone going to see this Dr. Timothy McDevitt.