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First off, I don’t give interest-free loans to any businesses… and I don’t like to leave $100 sitting in an account with any doctor’s office without my knowledge or consent. Make sure you check your statement from your insurance carrier to ensure you were charged the correct co-payment as this establishment overcharges the co-payments and doesn’t refund you unless you call them out on it.

I had a crown put on and was told after my appointment that my co-payment was $140.00, so I paid it in good faith. A month later when my claim was processed by my dental insurance carrier, my statement said my co-payment was $40, and that the dentist should NOT be charging me any more than that based on a their contract for being in the provider network. After I called to question why I was charged $100 MORE than what I owed, I was issued a refund immediately because they knew I was right.

I would have given $100 to Dr. Kim for FREE had I not reconciled my statements. I had no plans on returning to this place because they insist that 4 dental cleanings are needed per calendar year (2 visits are covered by insurance, 2 are out-of-pocket). Everytime I was in the waiting room, I could hear Dr. Kim and her staff endorsing the 4 cleanings per year. I have never heard any other dentist push so hard for 4 cleanings when 2 is the standard. There was a gentleman who was told he owed them for a cleaning he had “last August” and he stood there perplexed because he said he was on the mainland that August and swears he didn’t have a cleaning. He ended up paying because that’s what you do…trust your doctor, right?

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