I bought a membership for $6995 from tripp’s travel network that would give me the opportunity to by discounted tripp’s, cruises and many different ways to travel at a lower cost.. Well it’s not the case, i tried to book a cruise with them after paying them all this money and their price was the same price as the price my travel agent gave me in florida where i live.. After many conversations trying to resolve this situation they explained to me that their program works as a point accumulation system.. One must book many different cruises from them and many different vacations in order to accumulate enough points to see any type of discount, they did not explain this during their presentation. They painted a totally different picture during their presentation that leads one to believe the initial payment is the key to lots is savings. To make matters worse when i tried to cancel this membership they will not reemburse my money. This is a scam and it’s fraud ..

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