Union Workers Credit

Union Workers Credit Services Credit Scam – they even pull your credit report! Dallas, Texas – I was notified that the “Union Workers Credit Services” requested a copy of my credit report/credit score – and within days, got a letter alleging that “I was selected to receive a pre-approved $10,000 credit limit”. The insinuation from the letter was that it was, in fact, a VISA or Master Card offering – and best yet – they wanted a $37.00 payment to institute the “credit limit”. A quick review on the internet proved that these guys are con-artists, taking cash from consumers who may not have had access to a computer to validate the con. The offering is not a Visa/MC credit card, but instead a line of credit to buy over-priced junk from a junk catalog on their website. I ity those folks who may have sent the $37.00 and plan on filing a complaint with the FTC and the Virginia and Texas AGs office. Beware – and good luck.

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