Scamion Verified Safe We got involved in US Gas Rebates through a family and friends who thought this was going to be a solution to high fuel cost for people who commute and travel numorous miles for work and family activities.We looked at it,attened a conference here in Florida, at a Marriott were Eric Dalius and his scam army sure made it sound like an impressive and Valid program, displaying Bank statements that showed Deposits from US gas rebates to the Upline reps. They held these nightly confrence calls were they continued to drive home the possibility of The rebate program and compensation for Rep’s as the program grew.Well, unknown to us, He is just another rip off. US Gas Rebates took our $250.00 and from numerous others [expecially the minority communities in South Florida ] and from around the country,then shut everything down!! In research after the fact we found that he has a crimminal record for doing this before and got off lightly. I tried calling several times but can’t get a return call…Hum, imagine that! Just stay clear of this company..He has made a lot of money off of us with no recourse for us to get it back. If there is an Attorney General around to go after this guy, I will testify for you and bring all the evidence for prosecution.

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