Utah Badminton Club


(aka christine look and lasitha menaka)

(aka utah badminton club)

Do not sign up for there fraudulent membership they just steal your money !!!

The life time membership is a scammmm, along with other membership agreements

there is no paper work given to the individuals that reflects any such agreements.

If they try to pass one on to you as a membership such as a lifetime agreement

tell them you need to see a lawyer first….

They are not professional coaches or players.

They have been banned from various badminton clubs in california and the east coast and oregon for inappropriate business management practices.

Theft from badminton club membership money and they also ask club members for loans or donations that is there primary goal which is fraud.

Along with fighting with parents and inappropriate contact with the club youths that they were coaching..

christine is a fraud !!!

she was never a international badminton player

and lasitha her so called husband was never the top player in sri lanka.

but he is a true lair and idiot !!!!!

there is no cancellation policy anywhere on there websites, which is against the law and cancellation policies must be posted.

be alert for fraudulent charges if not they will just keep charging your credit card.

absolutely do not give them your credit card information

the sheriff dept has made several attempted to serve.

christine look and lasitha menaka

aka (lookbadminton)

for misappropriate of funds (embezzlement)

see the information sheriff statement

on december 10 2018

unable to locate business is no longer operating out of 10140 sw allen blvd beaverton or. 97124 #b the sheriff dept spoke to there business neighbors next door who stated that they moved all of their things out in the middle of the night right around christmas time, the sheriff left several voice messages. but they have not responded…..

case # 18sc52588

sheriff # 1809267

phone number 503 846-2537

department of justice

on december 20 2018

christine look and lasitha menaka

aka (lookbadminton) is currently placed on the consumer complaint fraud alert.

case # 223567

phone number 1877 877-9392

better business bureau

december 23 2018

christine look and lasitha menaka

aka (lookbadminton) is currently placed on the consumer complaint

fraud alert

case # b-56789

phone number 503 212-3022

christine look and lasitha menaka (aka) lookbadminton club they have abandon that club and it is no longer operating and which has left many adults and children broken with no refunds insight.

see the postings from there so called badminton club in oregon.


christine look and lasitha menaka (aka) lookbadminton club is beyond horrible.

absolutely do not trust these con man………………….

they are a big disgrace to all badminton clubs and badminton players,,

stay away !!!!!!!!!!!!

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