I was contacted by this company because I have a resume’ on Career Builders. Their recruiter, Len Wilson, contacted me about this lucrative B2B outside sales job that helps schools and universities raise money – but also pays salespeople well.

At the job interview, she said the company (Varsity Promotions) had offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, and all over the country.

The position was selling advertising for high school (and college) sports schedule posters. She showed me several large glossy posters that featured a high school football schedule. There were advertisements placed on the sides and bottom of the poster.

My job would be to get a school to commit to the program (posters were sent FREE to the schools) – then sell ads to the local businesses near the school.

SOUNDS GREAT – but the whole interview was built around a few lies!

LIE #1 We pay Salary plus commission.

Actuality: It they paid 25% commission. But if you matched the sales of an established sales rep (top 10%) they would pay 35%.

I was lucky to bring home $300-400 a week – AFTER driving 600 miles that week!!LIE #2 You’ll have an exclusive geographical territory, 50 miles in any direction from where you live.

Actuality: At least 2 other salespeople were working or have already worked that area, so I could only call on the schools and businesses they hadn’t been able to sell. More than half of the schools had already been signed by another sales rep, which means that most schools and all the businesses around them were someone else’s territory. The sales manager, Jim Davis, only allowed me to call on less than half of the schools in my supposed territory.

LIE #3 We have offices all over the country.

Actuality: The address on the business card they gave me is a UPS mailbox in Matthews, NC. All their printing is done in Waxhaw, NC (Advantage Promotions). There is NO nationwide company called Varsity Promotions. They hide behind several other names to shield their real identity.

If you are recruited by this company – look out for the lies they tell !!

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