We ordered an older version of QuickBooks Pro 2014.

VintageCAD required we send a photo of our Tax ID before they would release the order to us which we did (they do not accept fax contact).

VintageCAD reported they released the order with a tracking number. After some time the order was released and the tracking web page provided by VintageCAD reported it was delivered to someplace in New York, we live in Colorado.

We inquired why the software was not delivered via the VintageCAD sales e-mail address.

VintageCAD asked us to confirm we had given them the correct address and we sent a PDF via e-mail of their orginal confirming order which has the correct address.

VintageCAD will not release the purchase until we investigate with the U.S. Post Office why their package was not deliverd.

We requested return of payment as this is obviously a scam.

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