Wealth Chargeback

I used wealthchargeback.com to recover funds that I had invested with coinbull.io. Coinbull.io would not let me withdraw my money from my account. So I found wealthchargeback.com that says they are able to recover assets from companies like this.

I spoke to “Drew Camden”. He said he could recover all the money for me and I would not have to pay up front. He requested screenshots of my account to prove that I had funds with coinbull.io. He accepted the screenshots and said he could get my money back by hacking into their system. He had me set up a digital wallet as the money would come back to me in bitcoin (coinbull.io is a crypto currency brokier). He said it would come a little at a time and would take 2-3 days. So I did get a tiny bit of money come into my digital wallet.

Then Drew contacted me and said they are having a problem because coinbull thinks my wallet is new so the funds won’t go into my wallet. He said if I could buy a bitcoin and put it in my wallet, then that would trick the system into thinking it’s not a new wallet. I hesitated in doing this because I said I could not afford to lose more money. He said that this would be just temporary as I would get the $6,000 back plus the rest of the funds I had invested with coinbull.io. So I put $6,000 worth of bitcoin in my digital wallet. Within minutes, the money was gone from my digital wallet! It got sent to another wallet. I immediately contacted Drew and he said that the “process got reversed” and instead of the money coming into my wallet it got taken out! Can you believe this s**t? So I said let’s just forget it and give me my $6,000 back and we’ll move on. He said he could not do that and that the money is gone. But if I put in a lot MORE money, I will get all my money back and a lot more. He was talking like $100,000. I know he thinks I’m stupid since he already stole $6,000 from me, but I am smart enough not to put another dime in the account. So instead of recovering any of the money I invested with coinbull.io, I am out an additional $6,000! Unbelievable! I reach out to someone for help, and they just turn around and rip me off, too.

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