West Coast Performance, LLC.

I feel that i should report this on the scamion and all other sites. I am a victim as well from west coast performance and vincent malavolta aka james v aznavorian and vincent malavolta took $ 3500+ dollars and never completed the agreed upon auto repair work. I am currently in court seeking a final judgment for the monies owed and west coast performance has other legal problems going on and hopefully those people will come forward and put this company out of business.

Vincent malavolta copies photos off of the internet and gives the impression that he actually builds engines and not the case and look at the photo on google as the building he uses is vacant and has a sold sign out front. I erg everyone to look at all of the complaints and internet sites and stay away from the west coast perfoamance and vincent malavolta aka james v aznavorian.

West coast performance has another victum and see the bbb complaint below and i erg everyone who are victims and contact the attorney generals florida office and file those complaints and lets close this business down.

Complaint type: problems with product/service

Status: unknown


Gave him 5000 bucks to build a new motor for my car a 1979 elcamino jan 17 he told me 1 month it would be done well 11 months later still not done or even built it took 2 months for him to pull motor march 21 it came out i have heard every excuse there is why its not compleat tells me every week im next im gonna get on it but still i wait.

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  • Fuck you writing false reports. You lost your court case scared to come to court. You lost blind leading the blind

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