Western Diversified Services, Inc.

Got into an accident and the car was totaled by the insurance company. Contacted the Western poeple and they gave me the run around. First their phone number was wrong on their letter head and they didn’t believe me. I had to send the letter head back to them and hi-lited the error.

They gave me a list of items they needed and it was impossible to get all of the items. They give you 30 days for the claim and then they stall. They wanted the pay off of the vehicle. I provided it to them directly from the bank that I had my loan with. It was signed, stamped and dated. they told me it was wrong many times.

This is when I started to feel that it was a SCAM. I provided them a 30 page report from our insurance company stating the the car was totaled. They give me a list of 20 items that they needed. I called and talked to various people and they were rude. This company is a SCAM. They say in the contract they will pay you back if you cancel. Yeah… good luck with that. I will never buy GAP insurance again.

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