WilTrans unfairness,very pushy,violates privacy Stafford,, Missouri – gone through 2.5 days of orentation and not covering all info,then got a truck to lease and was not satisfied(very unhappy. wanted to get out of that truck to a diffrent one and they said they didn’t have any others. being a O/O we have alot more freedom and not being spied on of what route you are taking but having the privacy invated of what you are doing,which way and routes you are taking but being told to what routes to take by them. They wanted me to get a load there no matter if my brakes were smoking really bad and lost all my air,just get the load there or it will cost around 400.00 each which its unsafe to do but didn’t care. They know i had a aminal in with me and of course he or she has always have to do chores at one time or another which they didn’t care about that either. they espect for a driver to know all the in and out of the company to what there paper work,the QC(without the elog and navi) thats never been brought up that well in orenatation, they also want to have ya get the load there no matter if you are tired or not and then have them come down on you like a bundle of bricks and get you very upset after that. these folks all they care about is the loads,getting them in on time but don’t care about the driver,there animal or the privacy or which way you are taking..Then they wanted to take over the truck when ya don’t have a way to get back home with all of your things and your companion and then have the top bunk come slaming down on your head so hard that ya see blackness and hurts your neck after you are no longer a employee. Compaines want good experiance drivers,outstanding SAFE drivers,ones that have very clean records and CSA2010 and thats a true Professional and knows what he or she is doing and then make them unhappy,very disappointed,bunt heads with there fleet manager really hurts when you are trying and doing right.Don’t advise any pro driver go to this outfit cause they will get a bad truck and also go through what i did.

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