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Dr Thao did my breast surgery last year when I was 21 years old. I feel as he took advantage of me and tried to experiment on my breast. First said he wanted to do the implants over the muscle and when I told him I was uncomfortable with that he said he only does 2% surgeries over the muscle anyway so we’ll go under. And then he pressed on me having an anchor lift, which is the most invasive lift with the most scarring. I’ve never had kids and my breast weren’t saggy I just wanted fuller breast. He gave me what he wanted instead of what I asked.

When I showed him pictures of what I wanted he said “you’re not them so it’s not going to look like that anyway” so many red flags and warning signs I should paid attention to but he convinced me and I had the surgery. I trusted him. My results are horrendous. I called him and asked about the scarring and shape of my breast and he kept telling me to give it time and wait. When I called him a couple months later to express my concerns again he wouldn’t even talk to me on the phone he had his staff talk to me and they blamed me and said I should’ve came into the office to see dr thao. When they know I live out of state.

My scars are terrible. I have extreme rippling. My Areolas are pointed up instead of forward. My breast are too big for my body. He said “the bigger the better” and that woman always regretted not going bigger after surgery. Which is not always the case. Since then I’ve seen other surgeons and showed them before and after pictures they all told me the implants were placed too low and that I did not need an anchor lift but a simple peri-areola lift with no visible scarring.

I’m disappointed in my results and wish I would’ve left my breast a lone to begin with. I paid $9000 for the lift +implants. And I’m left with scars and insecurities. I cry every time I look into the mirror. He ruined my breast. Please don’t invest your money in him do careful research on a qualified surgeon. He wasn’t even man enough to talk to me on the phone. He already got his money and I wasn’t even worthy enough for a phone call. Please carefully choose a doctor!

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