Yvette banker was the court assigned lawyer for my mom. My mommy had Alzheimer’s as well as her 49 years of age boy took my mother’s cash, fashion jewelry and prescription discomfort medication. He vocally, psychologically and also economically over used my mother.When I requested for Guardianship as well as Consevator for my mom, Ms Banker turned it right into a circus as well as was pursuing a separation. My mom really did not understand the guardianship, much less a separation! My mom had a stroke on Aug 15, 2018 as well as died on Sep 6, 2018. The final hearing was on Aug 21, 2018. Ms lender billed for nonsense, anything and also everything. I was asked to send many papers and also my mom was billed for the files being “examined.”.

Prior to the last hearing, ms banker inquired about my mother’s problem. Ms lender billed for that discussion! Everytime my mommy’s child took more cash from her, I sent out bank declarations as proof as well as my mother was billed. Currently she is attempting to extort cash from my 85 years of age, impaired papa. She is billing through Oct 17, 2018. My mommy was dead! The letter she sent does NOT have a trademark, however a stamp for somebody and the court’s name present at hearings has actually been whited-out.

Ms banker had one work, to protect my mom. She failed horribly. She does not respect individuals she is meant to shield. She cares JUST regarding the money, ONLY the money. Ms banker supplied to “substantially lower the bill” if I would “voluntarily” delete my adverse article. My lender is a dishonest, greedy, sorry excuse for an attorney.